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New Plastinated Human Heart Blood vessels for Turkey Medical University

Date: Nov 14,2020     View:
 Meiwo new plastinated human heart blood vessels for turkey medical university dissected and plastinated by anatomy lab has been finished and will be shipped out.
plastinated human heart

The plastinated human heart blood vessel for anatomy education clearly shows superior vena cava, aortic arch, brachiocephalic trunk, left common carotid artery, left clavicular anterior artery, arterial ligament, pulmonary trunk, right auricle, right coronary artery, right anterior ventricular branches, right marginal branch, left atrial appendage, left coronary artery, anterior interventricular branch, circumflex branch, posterior interventricular branch, middle cardiac vein, small cardiac vein, coronary sinus, great cardiac vein, etc. Do you like the plastinated heart blood vessel as teaching model?