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MR Animal Anatomy 3D Enhanced Interactive System

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1. Naked-eye 3D technology combined with structure free splitting

The system is equipped with high-definition 3D maps, and the details of each structure can be presented in the form of naked-eye 3D, so that students can be immersive, and can better understand the structure and function of animals.

2. Combination and comparison of model and atlas data

The comparative teaching of anatomical models and theoretical atlas data can help students deepen learning depth and expand learning knowledge more effectively.

3. Flexible and varied question type

Including atlas, model, specimen, slices and other extension questions;

Contains single choice, multiple choice, and judgment, fill in the blanks, noun explanation, questions and answers. Support independent exercises, homework, online tests and other learning modes.

The study progress of the examination questions can be checked (the study status of the examination questions can be clearly viewed; Answered, wrong, not answered). Synchronize the status of the desktop, web, and mobile terminals, making learning objectives clear and reducing unnecessary time and energy investment.

4.The trinity of simulation experiment training, learning, practice, and test functions is perfectly integrated.

The simulation experiment training content is divided into three modules: learning, practice and assessment. The teaching activities are carried out in a scientific learning way, from shallow to deep, step by step, so that students can better receive and understand knowledge.

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Meiwo animal anatomy teaching system is developed using Unity3D engine combined with Max and Maya 3D modeling software. The system model uses real animal data for 3D data reconstruction, relying on virtual reality, human-computer interaction, database and other technologies to simulate real anatomy teaching scenes , allowing users to learn animal anatomy knowledge more intuitively and systematically.

The system combines virtual reality technology (VR), augmented reality technology (AR) and naxed-eye 3D technology according to the project, providing immersive, interactive and simulation of the composite experience effect, to meet different application scenarios, no wearing naxed-eye 3D technology liberates the user's dependence on external equipment, making the user's experience more comfortable and more convenient.

It meets the requirements of the teaching syllabus and has a large number of built-in animal anatomy teaching materials, which can reduce the teaching cost. It can reduce the risk in actual operation and improve the teaching quality. It is an ideal teaching auxiliary software for animal husbandry, veterinary medicine and aquatic products. The system can be used in the teaching of animal anatomy, animal husbandry production, aquaculture, animal physiology, pathology and other professional courses.


1. Complete physiological and anatomical data

Covering the complete physiological and anatomical structure data of various types of organisms such as poultry, livestock, pets, aquatic products, etc., each structure can be displayed independently, and is equipped with bilingual annotation information in Chinese and English, and cooperates with voice interpretation to maximize teaching.

2. 3D Enhanced Interactive Module

Contains 12 animal anatomical structures, covering every major organ and system. High-precision textures make the display effect more realistic, and real-time 3D rendering technology can truly restore the animal anatomical structure, realizing the perfect combination of traditional anatomy and virtual reality technology.

3. Clearly labeled high-definition atlas data

According to the teaching requirements of animal anatomy, the system provides a large number of high-definition teaching atlas and detailed annotation information.

4. Extensive test question bank

The test questions are arranged according to the teaching content of the teaching materials. There are currently 8600+ test questions, covering various categories such as poultry, livestock, pets, and aquatic products. The number of test questions in the test bank is still increasing.

5. Targeted simulation experiments

The product provides targeted simulation training experiments, involving the relevant scope covered by knowledge, combining theoretical learning with practical ability, enhancing students' interest in learning and deepening the depth of knowledge understanding.