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Coeliac Trunk Soft Silicone Human Anatomy Model

Date: Jan 11,2023     View:
Meiwo new soft silicone human anatomy model for medical education, coeliac trunk has been finished by professional anatomy teacher. The anatomy structure of coeliac trunk soft silicone human anatomy model is clear and the color is bright.

The coeliac trunk soft silicone human anatomy model for medical education icncludes 7 parts, natural size, clearly shows the diaphragm in situ.

The coeliac trunk soft silicone human anatomy model shows multi-angle structure. Top view: Intrinsic dorsi muscles, internal thoracic fascia, ribs, T8, intercostal muscles, esophagus, vena cava, aorta. Posterior view: 12th rib, subcostal nerve, right kidney, iliohypogastric nerve, ilioinguinal nerve, anterior view: celiac trunk, inferior vena cava, superior mesenteric artery, inferior artery, internal iliac artery, vein, external iliac artery. Vein, obturator artery. vein, inferior bladder artery. vein, esophagus, kidney, adrenal gland, renal active. vein, ovarian. testicular artery. vein, ureter, rectum, bladder, sacral plexus, great splanchnic nerve, small splanchnic nerve, kidney From, from the adrenal glands, from the mesentery, from the ureter, from the inferior mesenteric ganglia, from the epigastric inferior, from the pelvic splanchnic nerve, from the sympathetic trunk. Sacral ganglia, aortorenal ganglia. Subsections: femoral artery, vein and nerve, femoral head and ligament, rectum, gluteus maximus, sciatic nerve, birth canal, sciatic spine, iliopsoas, obturator internus, bladder and ureter, etc.