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Packaging Details of Biological Microscope Slides

Date: Jul 03,2020     View:
Biological microscope slides are commonly used for observation and learning in schools, laboratories and other teaching and research places. And sometimes a microscope slide set will be prepared for research and study. So how is this thin and fragile thing packed and transported? Let's take a look.

This is the prepared microscope slides we are going to send to Saudi Arabia. Let's use this to show you the packaging details. This is a box dedicated to holding microscopic slides, and each piece is separated to prevent bumps. Before the goods are shipped, they must be carefully packed and checked. We will wrap thick bubble paper outside the box to prevent bumps during transportation, and a layer of foam will be placed inside the package, and the package will be sealed with tape.

For transportation, you must choose a safe and reliable courier, so as to ensure the safe delivery of microscopic slides. Meiwo generally uses FedEx.