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The First Annual Conference of Vocational Education Anatomy Branch OF CSAS

Date: May 24,2022     View:
The first Annual Conference of Anatomy for Vocational Education Branch of CSAS will be held in Luoyang city, Henan Province from July 22 to 25th, 2022, sponsored by The Branch of Anatomy for Vocational Education of Chinese Anatomy Society and organized by Luoyang Vocational And Technical College.  Meiwo located in Zhengzhou, Henan province, near to Luoyang, we will participate in the conference.

This meeting discussed the hot and difficult issues in the development of health education and the training mode of application-oriented innovative talents.  Everyone is interested in how to teach a good lesson, the application of modern teaching technology (such as MOOC production, multimedia teaching, etc.), digital (including virtual simulation, etc.) training room construction, modern model and specimen production (such as 3D printing technology, biological plastination, embedding technology) and so on.