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The Difference Between Anatomy Specimens and Anatomy Models

Date: Jul 21,2022     View:
Anatomy specimens are real whole or part of human body which are used in the teaching and scientific research of human anatomy through a series of chemical treatment. The anatomy models in the general sense refer to the casting made by imitating the shape of the object or the structure in the design.
anatomy models

The significance of the models lie in the visual understanding of the image of the object, in addition to having the value of art appreciation, in education, scientific research, industrial construction, civil construction and military and other aspects of great utility. Because anatomy is restricted by many factors such as cadaver source and pollution, anatomy models plays an important role in anatomy teaching.

Human anatomy models, in simple terms, refer to the intuitive anatomy model of the internal organs of the human body with plaster, plastic, PVC materials, etc, which vividly shows the internal structure of various organs of the human body