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Advantages Of Medical Soft Silicone Anatomical Models

Date: Jun 03,2023     View:
The silicone rubber and its auxiliary chemical products used in medical soft silicone anatomical models have passed ROHS certification to ensure the stability and durability of the models. The soft silicone anatomical models have passed FDA certification, non-toxic and tasteless, accurate structure, realistic shape, can be repeatedly bent, durable, easy to disassemble and clean and so on.

The arteries (red), veins (blue) and nerves (yellow) in the medical soft silicone anatomical model products are formed by integrating color separation filling and perfusion, which is not a conventional staining method and does not fade. Muscle organs and other parts according to the color of perfusion molding.

The medical soft silicone anatomical models can not only reflect the macroscopic anatomical structure, but also reflect the microscopic knowledge structure, which is convenient for teachers and students to carry out clinical and microscopic observation and learning. For example, the male urinary system model can reflect the general view of the male urinary system and the three physiological curves of the urethra, but also can reflect the microcosmic knowledge structure characteristics of glomerulus enlarged 3600 times.


Each medical soft silicone anatomical model is equipped with two-dimensional code, which can be combined and split, stripped layer by layer, learn the deep knowledge structure, and deeply combined with clinical teaching content, to achieve multiple clinical, early clinical, repeated clinical. Each model HD photo, three-dimensional scanning, equipped with two-dimensional code identification card, physical model digitalization with 360 degrees rotation, flip, translation, can be freely enlarged, reduced, drag, annotation, split (if the model only 1 parts, there is no splitting function), voice, resource link, independent display and other functions, smooth operation, support the Internet, mobile phone and other network use, At the same time, it also supports the function of comparison of resource links on the same screen and online structure marking test questions to improve the user's structure recognition ability.