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Do You Know the Digital Specimen Library

Date: Dec 27,2023     View:
Digital specimen library refers to a database that digitizes physical specimens and stores, manages and shares them on a digital platform. Meiwo digital specimen library is welcomed by the majority of medical colleges and universities. The construction of a digital specimen library can greatly improve the utilization rate and sustainability of specimen resources, and provide convenience for scientific research and teaching.

After the construction of digital specimen library, it can be widely used in scientific research and teaching:

1, scientific research, researchers can obtain a large number of specimen data through digital specimen library, species distribution, morphological characteristics, evolution and other aspects of the study. Digital specimen banks can also provide a platform for data sharing and collaborative research, facilitating scientific exchange and collaboration.

2. Teaching aid: Digital specimen library can be used as a teaching aid to help teachers show specimens of different species to students and explain relevant knowledge. Students can also conduct independent study and research through the digital specimen library.

3. Germplasm resource protection: The digital processing of specimens of endangered species can avoid the destruction or loss of physical specimens, and at the same time, regular monitoring, research and protection can be carried out through digital platforms to provide support for species protection and breeding.

4. Preservation of cultural heritage: The digital preservation of precious or historic specimens can protect cultural heritage from natural disasters, depletion and man-made damage, and provide convenience for future generations to study and appreciate.

The specimens in the human anatomy digital specimen library use real corpse specimens for three-dimensional data collection, and the details of each structure can be truly presented and the separation and combination of real corpse specimens can be realized (the existing ones that can be separated and combined on the market are mostly manual drawing and modeling, and the rigor and accuracy are difficult to guarantee), such as: The real presentation of the start and end of each muscle shape and muscle filament texture can be clearly displayed, fully ensuring the authenticity and professionalism of the digital specimen library. Specimens in the digital specimen library support 360-degree rotation, flip, translation, free zoom in, zoom out, drag, search, volume adjustment, separate display, hide, restore, peel, split combination, dyeing, transparency adjustment, screenshots, change the background, automatic labeling (according to different model requirements, can achieve point marking, circle marking, can be split and other functions). Support resource link on the same screen comparison, online structure annotation test questions and other functions (and can automatically evaluate the results of the circle). And Hongyu Medical education digital specimen library can provide data backup and protection mechanism to ensure the safety and reliability of data. It can prevent data loss and damage, and can also manage data rights to ensure that only authorized personnel can access and use data.

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1. Specimen products: plastinated specimens, slices specimens, casting specimens, pathological specimens, animal specimens, biological microscope slides

2, model products: soft silicone models, simulation specimens and PVC models.

3. Life Science Museum: Human Science Museum, Animal Science Museum, Ocean Museum, Chinese Herbal Medicine Museum, school history Museum, simulated pharmacy, etc.

4. Medical anatomy software: human anatomy teaching system, animal anatomy teaching system, animal production virtual simulation teaching system, medical morphology teaching system, digital specimen library.