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Virtual Reality Experience Human Anatomy

Date: Apr 22,2020     View:
Most people have heard of virtual reality technology, but what people may not know is that virtual reality is not only a demonstration media, but also a practical model tool. Especially for the medical aspect, it can be applied to the education of students to help students understand more about anatomical specimens.

Application of VR in medical education

We all know that medical education is complicated and boring, and the number of human specimens has been very small. The use of virtual reality technology can build human anatomy models to help medical students understand the internal organ structures of the human body more efficiently. Not only that, with the help of HMD and sensory gloves, users can also operate on virtual mannequins, which is much more effective than using textbooks.

Of course, the virtual reality technology has yet to be perfected at this stage and cannot be popularized on a large scale, but in the near future this will definitely become a new learning method.