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Secrets You Don't Know About Human Bones

Date: May 16,2020     View:
Human bones are an important part of supporting the human body, but there may be some "secrets" you don't know about human bones. Anatomists have found that the number of human skeleton
will change by studying human specimens.

Among them, newly born babies have the largest number of bones, about 305, but adults have only 206 bones. For example, the baby's coccyx, sacrum, and pubic bone are more than adults, but most of these bones will merge together as the body develops.


So why do infants have more bones than adults? First of all, it is because the bones of newborns are cartilage. With age, most cartilage becomes bones, and a small part still exists in the form of cartilage, so the number of bones will decrease. The second is that the bones of the new born are to protect them safely through childhood.