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Superficial, Middle and Deep Anatomy of Head Simulation Model

  • Color:Natural skin color or what you want
  • Delivery time:7 days to 2 months after the order confirmed
  • Country of origin:The Chinese city of Zhengzhou in Henan province
  • Condition:Easy to preserved
  • Material:Soft Silicone
  • Application:Medical teaching exhibition and display science research science education

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Superficial, Middle and Deep Anatomy of Head Simulation Model

Product Name Superficial, Middle and Deep Anatomy of Head Simulation Model
Size Natural size
Description Shows brain and cerebral arteries, parotid glands, superficial temporal veins, superficial temporal arteries, temporal nerves, frontal veins, frontal nerves, parietal arteries, parietal veins, superior parietal nerves, posterior auricular arteries, posterior auricular veins, occipital arteries, occipital veins, greater occipital nerves, lesser occipital nerves, supraorbital nerves, angular arteries, angular veins, infraorbital arteries and nerves, facial arteries and veins, sublingual glands, eyeballs, optic nerves, orbital arteries and veins, lacrimal glands, deep subcutaneous fat and superficial fat, upper teeth, lower teeth and lower tooth roots, alveolar arteries and veins and nerves, internal jugular arteries and veins and nerves and lymph nodes, galea aponeurotica, temporalis muscle, occipital muscle, frontal belly, orbicularis oculi muscle, nasal muscle, nasal bone, zygomatic bone, zygomatic muscle head, risorius muscle, masseter muscle, buccal muscle, orbicularis oris muscle, mentalis muscle, mandible and maxilla, teeth, mandibular fossa, mandible, geniohyoid muscle, mylohyoid muscle, submandibular gland, thyroid cartilage, sternocleidomastoid muscle, etc.
Application Medical teaching exhibition and display science research science education
Warranty 2 years
Transport Express, by air, by sea, etc.
Company Type Manufacturer

Packging &Shipping

01Sample order, products are packed by carton and foam.
02Big volume and heavy order, products are packed by wooden box and foam.


1.Medical University class for students learning
2.Hospital show for the patients
3.Pharmaceutical factory as model to promote their new medicine.
4.Popular with science museum,exhibiton hall,clinic etc.


1. Beneficial for medical teaching reform.
2. 5-10 years lifetime.
3. Non-toxic and odorless, accurate anatomical structure, lifelike shape, can be bent and cleaned repeatedly, durable, resistant to falling, easy to disassemble and assemble
4. Preferential price