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New Soft Silicone Anatomy Model_Female Urogenital System

Date: Feb 12,2022     View:
New soft silicone anatomy model, female urogential system for medical anatomy education has been finished and mass production will be carried out in the new year.
female urogential system soft silicone anatomy model for education

The female urogential system soft silicone anatomy model clearly shows the shape and structure of the female stereo-urinary system: double kidneys, horizontal section of the right kidney: renal cortex, renal cone, large calyces, small calyces, renal sinuses, renal pelvis, renal papilla, and renal column.  Uterus: ampulla of fallopian tube, fallopian tube isthmus, rectum uterine fold, uterine cavity, uterine isthmus, cervix, vaginal dome, fallopian tube funnel, tubal umbrella, white body, luteum, round ligament of uterus, broad ligament of uterus, uterine artery, cervical canal, uterine orifice, transverse mucosal fold of birth canal.  Vulva: clitoral head, urethral opening, hymen, vestibular gland, vaginal opening, vestibular bulb, clitoral foot.  Bladder: bladder mucosa folds, ureteral orifice, etc.