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The Dissection of Human Head and Neck Soft Silicone Anatomy Models

Date: Mar 10,2022     View:
The dissection of human head and neck soft silicone anatomy models, including superficial and middle anatomy, have been finished, and will be shipped to the museum of medical university.

The superficial dissection of human head and neck clearly shows subclavian artery, sternocleidomastoid muscle, external jugular vein, external jugular artery, parotid gland, transverse cervical nerve, accessory nerve, greater auricular nerve, lesser occipital nerve, cervical branch, brachial plexus, cerebellum, superior cerebral vein, sinuses, superior anastomotic vein, bridging vein, superior sagittal sinus, middle and superficial cerebral vein, laryngeal aponeurosis and other structures.  

The middle dissection of human head and neck clearly shows central anterior sulcus artery, central sulcus artery, central posterior sulcus artery, parietal posterior artery, temporal occipital branch, anterior frontal artery, lateral frontal artery (cheek) sublingual nerve, external carotid artery and vagus plexus, greater occipital plexus, sublingual plexus.  Mandibular ganglion and nerve plexus, phrenic nerve plexus, thyroid nerve plexus, auriculotemporal nerve plexus, accessory nerve, inferior alveolar nerve plexus, inferior trochlear nerve plexus, occipital minor nerve and other structures.