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Mr Carlos from Venezuela waning to order our human knee joint medical teaching model

Date: Feb 26,2016     View:
On Feb 26th of 2016, Mr Carlos is from Venezuela and interested in our human knee joint medical teaching model. Firstly he wants to know the different pieces price such as 500pcs, 1000pcs, and 1500pcs. and then he is glad to order one sample knee joint anatomy model for testing. Mr.Carlos's company is trading company specialized in human anatomy model and medical specimens and serves the local hospital, medical college and smaller agent in this area. His main aim is finding the suitable manufacturer of plastinated anatomical specimens and human anatomical model. Meiwo is suitable supplier and his good choice. Meiwo will provide the different high level quality and unique technology of plastinated specimens. and helps his enlarge his business scope. That is won-won result.