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Mr Toms from poland would come to visit our factory

Date: Apr 27,2015     View:
On April 27th 2015 Mr Toms one day called me from poland and said "hi.Amy, how are you? this is Tom, and very interested in your medical model." i told him that we are professional manufacturer of medical teaching model and vivid plastination body specimens. Tom said he don't know the difference between human anatomical model and plastinated specimens. i said plastinated specimens is complicated procedure such as embalming and anatomical dissection, removal of body fat and water, forced impregnation, positioning, curing and then make into the plastinated specimens which needs 3-4 months because it is hand -made so the time is long compared to 2-3 months. In this way, you can see the muscles, tissues, skeleton, ligament, arteries, veins etc clearly. the material is silicon rubber while medical model is made by mould so the time is very quick and short, it is usually 7-15 days. the material is PVC and it is showing the body details roughly. of course the values is much different. The value is from many aspects such as research values, development values, display exhibition values. etc  of course it is showing the price to sell the customers. While PVC model is different. the price is much cheaper. Mr. Tom will come to our factory on 22 june and JUNE 23. i wish i can give him more and satisfying service to help him to understand the advantages of it.