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Meiwo Human Plastination Museum For Science Popularization Education

Date: Mar 14,2023     View:
Recently, the China Association for Science and Technology announced the first batch of national science popularization education base recognition list in 2021-2025, The human plastination museum for medical university built by Meiwo science has been selected as the national science popularization education base.

The human plastination museum for medical university built by Meiwo adopts the construction concept of "intelligent science Museum", integrates the intelligent management of the museum, the professional display of human specimens, and the scientific and technological display of medical knowledge, and combines the teaching experiment, clinical application, popular science education, cultural inheritance, humanistic care, medicine and art of the human body to interact intelligently with hypermedia. It provides a high-tech, intelligent and experiential interactive learning platform for the exhibition hall, fully demonstrating the connotation and extension of life science. In addition, the exhibition hall also has a VR experience area, which combines human anatomy with VR technology, and brings visitors into a real anatomy environment with a high sense of immersion, which increases students' interest in learning and improves their learning effect.
human plastination museum

The human plastination museum is committed to disseminating life science knowledge to the public, guiding the public to understand the structure and function of the human body, mastering the emergency rescue ability, and creating an atmosphere of caring for life and health.