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The Advantages Of 3d Virtual Animal Anatomy Teaching Software

Date: Mar 09,2023     View:
In the process of teaching the theoretical knowledge of animal anatomy in medical colleges, it is necessary to master these knowledge points through repeated dissection, but it is difficult for schools to have a large number of fresh available animal carcasses for teachers and students to practice teaching. In this case, animal 3D virtual anatomy teaching software came into being.

The animal anatomy teaching software is developed by using Unity3D engine and 3D modeling software Max and Maya. The animal model in the software uses real animal data for 3D modeling. Relying on virtual reality, human-computer interaction, database and other technologies, the teaching of real scenes when animals are dissected can be realized, enabling students to learn animal anatomy more intuitively and systematically knowledge.


Animal series 3d virtual anatomy software can not only reproduce the structure, name, location, shape and function of various organs of poultry, pets, aquatic products and other animal series in 3D, but also independently disassemble and display when clicking on a certain muscle, bone or other structure, so as to build a thorough and detailed theoretical knowledge system.


In addition to the above features, animal series 3d virtual anatomy software has teaching, practical training and assessment modules, with sufficient and rich test bank, which supports students to practice assessment on the virtual simulation teaching courseware platform, greatly improving the utilization rate of resources.