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How To Make Soft Silicone Anatomy Model

Date: Mar 04,2023     View:
 Do you know how to make soft silicone anatomy model for medical education? Meiwo will take you through the production process of soft silicone anatomy models.

First, sculpture & shaping


Combined with the current domestic latest medical teaching materials and the latest atlas of international authorities, according to the needs of customers, or doctors and students to create more subtle and unique realistic products, molding artists use food grade fine sculpting oil clay sculpting. Environmental clay sculpting model details, lifelike.

Second, mold manufacturing


Deployment of environmental protection silicone, in the fine carved modeling, repeated silicone production, or covered with gauze to strengthen the mold, and finally plaster fixed mold molding.

Third, painting & rapid solidification


Adjust food-grade silicone gel according to the proportion, fill color painting in the corresponding mold parts according to the different colors of each organ on the produced mold, divide the layers, fill color layer by layer, maintain the corresponding thickness, and proceed to the next step after curing.

Fourth, fill with foaming agent


Pour an appropriate amount of foaming agent into the prototype mold of the product, and the product will be lighter and have texture, easy to teach and learn.

Fifth, compound die & edge sealing


After foaming, silicone rubber is poured into the product mold, and the product mold is fitted up and down, fixed with plaster, trimmed and beautified. The product production is completed, and the finished product is environmentally friendly, practical and beautiful.