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The Application of Casting Specimen For Medical Education

Date: Feb 15,2023     View:
Do you know about the application of casting specimen for medical education?

heart casting specimen

Casting Specimen is not only a specimen, but also a well-made art work. Do you agree?

During the study of anatomy, the most headache for medical students is not to memorize the distribution and conduction of nervous system from books, but to remember the distribution of arteries and veins in organs and tissues on specimens. In addition, it is extremely important for surgeons to understand the direction of the blood vessels and other ducts in the organ when performing a partial resection of the lung or liver. There are so many dense and rich blood vessels in the human body that it is not easy to learn and remember everything. In addition to getting knowledge from books and materials, doctors and medical students need more intuitive ways to gain a deeper impression. This used the important artifact in anatomy teaching - human body casting specimen.

When you hear the word cast, many people think of architecture. Yes, the original meaning of casting is casting model. And the cast ing specimen is a clear and intuitive "architecture" of blood.