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Impressions of Visiting Human Science Museum

Date: Feb 01,2023     View:
With curiosity, with longing, step into the mysterious human science museum. Start a journey to find life.

As soon as I entered the first exhibition hall of the human science museum, I was attracted by the history of medical development on the wall. Those who have made outstanding contributions to human life science are destined to be remembered by mankind, because of their unremitting efforts for medicine have led to today's modern medicine, which is like a beacon illuminating the road of life.

Then, a series of embryo specimens, starting with the fertilized egg, the first week of embryo development, the first month, the third month... Until the baby is born in the tenth month. Can not help but sigh the origin of life development of the magic and great. And then there are the poor specimens of deformed babies, all kinds of deformed babies in the solution, as if to complain about the destruction of environmental pollution. The hall of embryo specimens is followed by the exhibition hall of human organs. This is an exhibition hall combining high-tech and anatomy. Virtual LED displays show the activities of eight major human systems in the form of animation, such as food digestion, blood flow and so on. And the physical specimens let us know more about the human body. What impressed me the most was a human specimen composed only of arteries, veins and capillaries without all the extra tissues such as muscles, bones and viscera, which gave me a further understanding of the human vascular system.

Then there is the most spectacular coronal section specimen area of human body. Dozens of thin slices of human body specimens, from the chest side to the back side, clearly show the organs, muscles and tissues of each section of the human body. The complexity of the human body shocked my mind.

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